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January - Mulled Wine

Posted on February 01, 2019 by Kenaston Wines

https://kenastonwine.com/products/victorias-mullWhen the air is cold enough to hurt your face, it just makes sense to stay inside where it is warm! And is there any better way to warm up than with a hot mug of mulled wine? Known as "glühwein" in Germany and Austria, mulled wine is best paired with a blanket and the new season of your favourite Netflix show. The recipe for a perfect snow day! And, we have got the perfect recipe for mulled wine; we like to use an inexpensive red for mulling like the Centelleo Tempranillo, which is full-bodied and can stand up to the added spices. Our secret ingredient is a handful of raisins, which adds a pleasant depth to the mulled wine.

- 1 750ml bottle red wine
- 3 tbsp Victoria Mulling Spices
- 2 tbsp Fresh Roots Farms Raw Honey
- 1/4 cup orange juice
- a handful of raisins
- half an orange, sliced

    Put all ingredients into a crock pot, heat through (but do not boil). Then leave on warm (or the lowest setting) until you are done drinking. Strain out spices when flavour is to your taste.

    Please drink responsibly

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