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March - White Wine Moscow Mule

Posted on March 29, 2019 by Kenaston Wines

Here's our take on the classic Moscow Mule: replace the vodka with Italian Pinot Grigio! The Pinot Grigio adds an extra spritz of citrus and we've added Pineapple Ginger shrub for a slight tropical twist to compliment the ginger in the cocktail and the tropical notes in the Pinot Grigio. Our favourite Pinot Grigio to use is the Anterra Pinot Grigio from Italy. With warming ginger spice, fresh citrus, and tropical flare this cocktail is a perfect way to say arrivederci to winter and aloha to spring! 

- 4 oz Pinot Grigio
- 4 oz Cawston Press Sparkling Ginger Beer
- 2 oz Abiding Citizen Pineapple Ginger Shrub
- 1/2 Lime juiced
- Ice
- Lime round and Pineapple wedge, for serving

Fill copper mug with ice and pour in Pinot Grigio, Abiding Citizen Pineapple Ginger shrub, and lime juice. Top with ginger beer. Stir well and garnish with a lime wedge, and pineapple.

Please drink responsibly

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