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October - Peach Bellini

Posted on October 29, 2018 by Kenaston Wines

Perfect for a celebration of any kind, the Peach Bellini is a simple cocktail with only two ingredients! Even though the weather is turning to cooler temperatures, we still have a few warm days in between, which is great for a chilled sparkling cocktail. In this drink, we're featuring the locally-made Abiding Citizen Peach Shrub, one of their limited edition fall flavours! It is available at our physical store (while supplies last), but fresh peach purée will work in a pinch. Our favourite prosecco for cocktails is the Sette Ventiquattro Prosecco, but any prosecco will do.

- 2 oz Abiding Citizen Peach Shrub (or fresh peach purée)
- 4 oz Prosecco
- Fresh peaches for serving

Pour peach shrub or purée into a champagne flute, add chilled sparkling wine. Serve.


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