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Savian Pinot Grigio

By Savian

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Origin: Loncon di Annone, Venezi I.G.T., Italy 
Varietal: pinot grigio 

This vineyard is Certified Organic and solar powered (zero carbon footprint) 

Producer's Notes: It is certainly one of the most important wine of our coltivation. Low sulphite according to our philosophy, Pinot Grigio is produced from our vineyards after a meticulous selection from organic agricolture. 
This wine is a delight to the eye with its many hues changing from pale yellow to its characteristic sand colour, as well as to the nose and palate with its slightly fruity bouquet, accompanied by a light note of almonds. Soft and harmonious, slightly bitter, we could define its taste as resolutely pure and sincere, particularly drinkable and pleasant.
Excellent as aperitive, perfect with fine herbs. Great with starters, risotto with fish and cheese.

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