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Markus Molitor, Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese Riesling

By Markus Molitor

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Origin: Zeltinger Sonenuhr, Mosel, Germany
Varietal: riesling*

*drier style

Producer's Notes: Covering less than 20 hectares this top Middle Mosel site has mainly very old, ungrafted vines (often more than 80 years old) with fine but also very stony soils of mostly quite light blue Devon slate. The oldest and best plots are often located on small terraces with very little soil, producing very low yields (10-20 hl/ha) of exceptional quality. This site produces our greatest dry and off-dry wines as well as many of our top botrytis wines. All wines grown on the Sonnenuhr have an incomparably elegant ripeness relative to the vintage.

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