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A Proper Claret

By Bonny Doon

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Origin: California, U.S.A.
Blend: petit sirah, cabernet franc, syrah, merlot, tannat, petit verdot, cabernet sauvignon

Producer's Notes: Harumph. Not wishing to whinge, but just what does it take to be served a proper glass of Claret around here? These were precisely the words I spoke just the other day at my Club to the cheeky bloke who presented a "fruit-forward" Blaufrankelgipfler wine for my consideration. Crikey. I was gobsmacked. I could have boxed his ears. I told him to bu**er off and bring me some Proper Claret. We did not fight (and win!!) The War only to be served jammy, "fruit forward" beverages at one's Club, I'll tell you that. This is just another fine example of the utter decline of standards and the moral laxity I observe on a more or less daily basis, especially in these young 'uns.

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Tags: red blend
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