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13th Street Winery, June’s Vineyard Riesling

By 13th Street

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Origin: Junes Vineyard, Creek Shores, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
Varietal: 100% riesling

Producer's Notes: June’s Riesling has mouth-watering acidity with an elegant backdrop of sweetness.  Fresh and lively with bright stone fruit.  Aromas of green tea, lemongrass and pear.  Complex minerality with honey crisp apple, apricot, and creamed honey on the finish.  Fantastic on its own and versatile with a range of dishes such as spicy curries, fresh fish and roasted pork.

Named after June, one of the owners of the winery, this site which was planted in 1999, continues to deliver exceptional Riesling and Chardonnay making two of the most distinctive wines in our portfolio. Clone 49 Riesling is an old clone which was popular in Alsace, France for many years. Its trademarks are exceptional fruit and floral character. We continue to work very hard to capture the very best expression of this site vintage after vintage.


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