Senza Vandalismi, Cesanese del Piglio


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Origin: Piglio, Frozinone, Lazio, Italy
Varietal: 100% cesanese d'Affile 

*wild yeast, spontaneous ferment, unfiltered
†no sulphites added (45 mg/L)

Producer's Notes: Daniele and his cousin moved towards more natural farming methods starting in the 1980s with organic agriculture and later on, along with his cousin, delved into biodynamic principles, Fukuoka’s methods and homeopathic methods of agriculture. They’ve eschewed even treatments like sulfur and copper and instead use natural resistance methods that they produce themselves. The estate grows Cesanese along with other ancient varietals like Passerina, Bellone, Ottonese, Nostrano and Fosco Peloso. They follow a natural and traditional method in the cellar as well, one that focuses on their personal tastes, crafting expressive wines that convey a deep message that is immediately known to the taster.