Angel's Share Cocktail Co. - Craft Cocktail Mix 237ml


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Origin: Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Seasonal Flavours:

  • The Brunch Punch: Everything we want Christmas morning! Chamomile tea is complemented with grapefruit juice, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla bean. Pairing with Gin and finished with Champagne, this beauty keeps the punchbowl flowing! Flavours of chamomile, grapefruit, and ginger. Pair with Gin & Champagne.
  • Mulled Wine: We always challenge ourselves to play off the existing flavor profile of our base spirits, so we set out to enhance the dried fruit tones that come through on the red wine with a slow infusion of dried figs into our mulled wine mix. This rich dried fruit flavor is backed by orange and spice. Flavours of orange, fig and spices. Pair with red wine.
  • London Fog Martini: This cheeky little number starts with an Earl Grey tea base, which is infused with some fresh vanilla bean (of course!), and some bright citrus. While London Fog might make you think of gloomy, cool weather, this cocktail is fresh, bright and sure to delight. Flavours of vanilla, tea, and citrus. Pair with vodka.
  • Cherry & Charred Orange Old Fashioned: Our latest rendition of the Old Fashioned starts with sour cherries. We then lightly char the orange to gently toast the essential oils in the skin. Finally we season the mix with cocktail aromatics to bring all the flavors together. Flavours of cherry adn burnt orange. Pair with whiskey.

"It all started with a trip to Kentucky. Our passion for cocktails was there, the idea to produce quality cocktail mixers was there, but we needed a name that represented our love for cocktails. Something timeless. Something traditional. 

We found our answer during a visit to one of the many Rickhouses dotting the countryside - Angel's Share Cocktail Co. A nod to the evaporation that occurs as bourbon ages and learns some good country values out in the Rickhouse.

A name that represents craftsmanship, quality and respect for cocktail culture."

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