Angel's Share Cocktail Co. - Craft Cocktail Mix 237ml


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Origin: Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Seasonal Flavours:

  • Crystal Flutes & Cozy Sweaters: Who doesn't like a brunch cocktail during the holidays? Time to get those Champagne flutes dusted off for an elevated mimosa experience. Champagne signifies the pinnacle of elegance, so pairing rose with the wine made a lot of sense. We also wanted to introduce a richness that would cut through the dryness of the wine, so almonds were introduced to the mix. Finally, we wanted something that shines in the glass so pomegranate adds a beautiful hue and a subtle flavour to this cocktail. Flavours of rose, almonds, and pomegranate. Pair with sparkling wine.

"It all started with a trip to Kentucky. Our passion for cocktails was there, the idea to produce quality cocktail mixers was there, but we needed a name that represented our love for cocktails. Something timeless. Something traditional. 

We found our answer during a visit to one of the many Rickhouses dotting the countryside - Angel's Share Cocktail Co. A nod to the evaporation that occurs as bourbon ages and learns some good country values out in the Rickhouse.

A name that represents craftsmanship, quality and respect for cocktail culture."

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