Angel's Share Cocktail Co. - Craft Cocktail Mix 237ml


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Origin: Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Seasonal Flavours:

  • Cucumber Mint Collins: This cocktail embodies the meaning of a light and approachable cocktail. Subtle earthy tones from English cucumber is enhanced by tart lime and crisp mint. A splash of soda water to finish this cocktail enlivens this bright cocktail with a satisfying effervescence. Flavours of cucumber, lime, and mint. Pair with vodka.
  • Summer Berry Sangria:  Inspired by the seemingly never-ending flow of Sangria that was imbibed on during a trip to Seville, our Summer Berry Sangria is a solid addition to our Session Collection. Pairing with your favorite red wine, this low ABV cocktail is light, and complex, introducing fruity berries and a complex spiced lemon and orange Oleo-Saccharum for a rich but not overly sweet cocktail. Flavours of blackberry, raspberry, and cinnamon. Pair with red wine.
  • That Summer Feelin': When you're in the mood for a light, low ABV cocktail look no further! We pair one of our favorite flavors, elderflower, with juicy watermelon for a relaxed cocktail that can be enjoyed at all times of day. Pair with white wine.
  • Dragonfly Spritz: We have to admit, this cocktail was crafted for warm summer days in mind. This unique take on a white wine spritz features Raspberry, Dragonfruit and a touch of Vanilla for a light and refreshing tipple.
    Add a splash of soda water for texture, and you'll soon find yourself enjoying that warm prairie sun more than ever before. Pair with white wine.

"It all started with a trip to Kentucky. Our passion for cocktails was there, the idea to produce quality cocktail mixers was there, but we needed a name that represented our love for cocktails. Something timeless. Something traditional. 

We found our answer during a visit to one of the many Rickhouses dotting the countryside - Angel's Share Cocktail Co. A nod to the evaporation that occurs as bourbon ages and learns some good country values out in the Rickhouse.

A name that represents craftsmanship, quality and respect for cocktail culture."

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