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Antica Torino Rosso, Vermouth di Torino

By Antica Torino

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Origin: Piemont, Italy 
Style: red vermouth 

Producer's Notes: 
Description on the nose: intense and complex, winey, spicy and herbaceous, scents of laurel, rhubarb, gentian, vanilla and citrus peel.
Description of taste and smell: fresh, sweet, alcoholic, savoury; distinct notes of ginger, laurel, vanilla and rhubarb; long persistence. 

This is a traditional vermouth recommended for mixing in old-fashioned and modern drinks. Not containing juniper, angelica and other classic spices of gin, it combines very well with a classic London Dry Gin. It works in great harmony with bourbon or rye whiskey giving sweet, warm and herbaceous tones: and also with brandy, since this is also wine-based, or with herbaceous liqueurs, and finally with traditional amaro liqueurs.

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