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AVAL Cidre Artisanal 750ml


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Origin: Bretagne, France 
Apple Varietals: avrolle, dous coat, douce moën, kermerrein, marie mesnard 
Style: artisanal cider

Producer's Notes: Translating to apple in Breton, the traditional language of France’s Bretagne province, AVAL is exclusively brewed on a family-owned farm in the region that’s been making cider for more than 1,000 years. And now, serious cider drinkers can taste for themselves what all the buzz is about — and why Brittany (Bretagne in English) has been dubbed cider heaven by industry experts. A delightful, subtly sweet combination of four kinds of organic apples (acidic, bitter, bittersweet and sweet), AVAL is not made from concentrate and uses no added sugars or sweetener — just pure apple juice, harkening back to the way cider should be made.

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Tags: cider, organic
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