Casa Belfi, Naturalmentefrìzzante


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Origin: San Polo di Piave, Treviso Province, Veneto, Italy
Grape: glera (local Venetian grape)
Style: Colfondo*

*re-fermented in-bottle: "When spring starts, the wine is bottled when nature is blooming, according to Maria Thun’s biodynamic calendar. Once in the bottle, residual sugars are transformed by yeasts into alcohol and carbon dioxide, obtaining a natural sparkling wine. After remaining in the bottle for a few months, the wine can then be sold, and it can be stored for years."

Before this, the wine is naturally fermented (indigenous yeasts only) in chilled stainless steel tanks naturally kept cold with well-water, with no sulphur dioxide.

Producer's Notes: "Flowery and fruity scents are accompanied by notes of citrus, yeast and bread crust. It is lively and full bodied on the palate, perfectly balanced in terms of acidity. The yeast present at the bottom of the bottle offers the wine softness and longevity."