Bella " Clone 509 " Ancestrale Sparkling Gamay Noir


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Origin: Mariani Vineyard, Naramata Village, Okanagan Valley, B.C., Canada 
Varietal: (clone 509) gamay noir** 

**"double ferment" sparkling, made in a "natural", low intervention style with only 10ppm sulphur.

1680 Bottles Made for 2018 vintage

Made in the traditional method (two fermentations) over two years the 2017 Mariani Gamay is kept for a year in barrel then we add the 2018 Mariani Gamay once it starts to wild ferment to kick start the second fermentation.  Showing off a delicate floral nose and subtle stone fruits on the palate, this uniquely made “traditional but all natural” (aka “Trad-Nat”) rose will not disappoint.

"Starting with the 2014 vintage, we wanted to make a truly natural wine crafted in the ancient ways so we brought to market Western Canada’s first natural Ancestrale sparking wine.  After whole cluster pressing the grapes, the juice wild ferments in a neutral barrel and at precisely the right moment (we do have a few enhanced technologies over the monks!) the juice is hand bottled by gravity flow and allowed to finish fermenting in the bottle.  As you can imagine, without filtering, the ancestrale contains significant quantities of natural lees and some particulates from the original pressing.  Through riddling, and disgorging, we can remove almost all of the sediment but some will remain.  Also, without filtering the wine maintains a natural cloudiness that will dissipate over time.

What makes this wine natural?

Nothing has been added.  We press grapes, the juice goes into barrel and then a bottle.  There is absolutely no intervention and no filtering.  You will never taste a more intensely flavored sparkling wine than an ancestrale. We hope you enjoy this style of sparkling wine."