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Bacco in Toscana - BOMBABABÀ

By Guado al Melo

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Origin: Tuscany, Italy
Blend*: sangiovese, syrah 

*Toscana Rosso IGT

Producer's Notes: In the wine Bacco in Toscana (or called also Bambababà) the main variety is Sangiovese, historical in our territory but more and more disused, documented in our vineyards at least since the mid-nineteenth century. A little part of Syrah emphatises its Mediterranean soul.

In the XVII century Francesco Redi has written the poem “Bacchus in Tuscany”, a glorification of the Tuscan wines. He imagined the God arriving in Tuscany and choosing this place as his new homeland because here the best wines in the world are produced. Bacchus arrives with his playful entourage of satyrs, nymphs and his wife Ariadne, which are singing and dancing the BOMBABABÀ, a Tuscan dance in vogue at that time. Its name is perfect to remember the joy of living that gives us the wine!

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