Ferdinand's Saar White Riesling Vermouth


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Origin: Saarburger Rausch Vineyard, Saar, Germany
Style: white vermouth
Varietal: dry riesling
Herbals: wormwood,regional herbs

Producer's Notes: The minerality and fruit of the Saar Riesling, the bitterness of the wormwood and the floral, spicy aromas of the regional herbs and flowers give this limited vermouth wine from the Saar valley its unique lightness and elegance.

The Royal Prussian District Forester Ferdinand Geltz not only gave his name to the Riesling-infused Saar Dry Gin but he was also the historical co-founder of the VDP Mosel-Saar-Ruwer growers’ group.

Carefully hand-picked Riesling grapes from the Zilliken estate and the craftsmanship of Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar guarantee a high-quality product from the Saar region and signify maximum drinking pleasure.