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Champagne Gardet, Brut Tradition

By Champagne Gardet

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Origin: Chigny-les-Roses, Marne, Champagne, France
Blend: 45% pinot noir, 45% pinot meunier, 10% chardonnay

Producer's Notes: The boldness of a Brut champagne in the purest tradition of Gardet… This wine, made from 90% black grapes from across the entire Champagne region, is a perfect representation of its origins. A model non-vintage Brut, emblematic of the Gardet House, with the savoir-faire to preserve its style and maintain the mark left by the history of the House.

The aromas are decidedly winey and full. It explodes with hints of chalk. The mouth immediately gives stone fruits, the whole is fresh with a full-bodied consistency that holds together. The palate is bolstered by a fine acidity and a balance between creamy and bold. A solid structure with a fine future ahead of it – between the mild smoothness of Meunier and the directness of Pinot Noir. A fine balance of aroma, taste and long finish.

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