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Pācina, La Malena Toscana Rosso

By Pacina

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Origin: Pacina, Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Blend: syrah (70%), canaiolo/ciliegiolo (30%)

Producer's Notes:
Pacina is a small settlement, a place that has always respected nature and its diversity. It houses various habitats and types of forest. A variety of crops is grown, with respect for the soil: the fields are alternately cultivated and left fallow in order to maintain the richness and diversity of the natural ecosystems and the flora and fauna they contain.

Grapes, olives, grains and greens, fruits and vegetables,... These are the various crops which give strength, energy and character to this place, instead of the frail homogeneity that comes with monoculture.

There has been minimal use of sulfites and without use of other substances or technologies.

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