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Colle Massari Montecucco Rosso Riserva

By Castello Colle Massari

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Origin: Montecucco, Tuscany, Italy
Blend: sangiovese (80%), ciliegiolo (10%), cabernet sauvignon (10%)

Producer's Notes: Top-quality Cuvée with terroir character

The fruit is full of charisma and precision. It is like biting through concentrated fruit. It is distinguished with cedar wood and fine spices with notes of strawberry, black cherry and a little blackcurrant. Despite its aromatic complexity, it is a very fine and elegant, which is indicative of its high quality. Tannins are present and perfectly complimented by the robust texture. Fresh, earthy after-taste. This wine tells stories and wants to be listened to. A must-have for connoisseurs and a secure investment for those looking for a top wine.

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