Nextfriend Cherry Cider


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Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Varietal: ( Apples) Evans, Romeo, Juliette, Carmine Jewel, Nanking and many others! The Cherries were handpicked from back yards, trails and foraged in woods throughout Manitoba.

Producer's notes: Cherry Cider 2021 is natural co- fermentation of apple cider and freshly picked whole Manitoba Cherries. Importantly, the cherries we used were fresh and whole, meaning the pits and stems were still attached. Cherry stems carry a unique cinnamon-like flavour, and the pits can bring a savoury almond character too. We wanted to work with whole cherries to build complexity in the finished cider. While the cider is very fruit forward, exploding with pure cherry flavour, it also has a delicate spicy and savoury edge from the addition of the stems and pits.