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By Rocca delle Macie

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Origin: Blended in Piedmont, Italy
Blend: merlot (Veneto), barbera (Tuscany), sangiovese (Piedmont)

Producer's Notes: Giordano Emo Capodilista's Merlot, Andrea Faccio's Barbera and Sergio Zingarelli's Sangiovese: three grape varieties that encapsulate three different areas and traditions, and express three different personalities.

An intense, concentrated wine with an aroma of ripe berry fruit and spices, PrimoVolo is plush and generous on the palate. The first harvest with the three varieties was 2000*, which has since been followed by 6 further harvests. The grapes are selected in the three regions from the best vineyards of the three wineries before being vinified and aged separately by the three producers, and at the end of the maturation process they are blended in Piedmont and aged for several months in the bottle.

*KWM's vintage of PrimoVolo is still the first, from 2000. It is still drinking beautifully.

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