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Gruber Röschitz, Ried "Lauschen", Blauer Zweigelt

By Gruber Roschitz

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Origin: Lauschen Vineyard, Weinviertel, Niederösterreich, Austria 
Blend: 100% Blauer Zweigelt

Producer's Notes: 
Spiritus, vinosi Gruberalis
Wine spirits are the tine little helpers of the Grubers: in the vineyard, in the cellar, on the tongue. You can only watch them under the microscope - or not at all. But they exist! You can taste it...

The Lauschen vineyard site gets its name from its U-shaped exposure. The term "Luschen" dates back to the late Middle Ages and literally means "hidden dip". Where people once took shelter, it has now become the place for typical red wine from Austria. It's a fine, fruity and full-flavoured typical austrian red wine.

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