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RST* Pinot Noir

Echeverria Wines

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*Real Southern Terroir

Origin: Litueche, Ucuquer Coast, Rapel Valley, Colchagua, Chile  
Varietal: pinot noir

Producer's Notes: Emerging coastal region Ucuquer in the Colchagua Valley was a discovery for Chilean winemaker Roberto Echeverria, sommelier and wine agent Steven Campbell and Canadian winemaker and "terroir poet" Thomas Bachelder. Vineyards cooled by Pacific Ocean breezes and the adjacent Rapel River, combined with a gentle, low-intervention, natural (wild) yeast fermentation and a long elevage in mostly neutral French oak barrels, make this wine complex yet fresh. It has intense berry flavours with a rich and silky mouthfeel - typical of the Ucuquer-coast wines.