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RST* Sauvignon Blanc

Echeverria Wines

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*Real Southern Terroir

Origin: Litueche, Ucuquer Coast, Rapel Valley, Colchagua, Chile 
Varietal: sauvignon blanc

Producer's Notes: Emerging coastal region Ucuquer in the Colchagua Valley was a discovery for Chilean winemaker Roberto Echeverria, sommelier and wine agent Steven Campbell and Canadian winemaker and "terroir poet" Thomas Bachelder. The Pacific Ocean breezes and cool influence of the adjacent Rapel River make for a complex, textured and classically-structured cool-climate Sauvignon blanc, fresh-fruited with a rich, vinous, silky texture, a delicious herbal green-fruited citrus acidity, and a refreshing savoury mineral finish - typical of the Ucuquer-coast wines.