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Sparkmouth Handcrafted Tonics - 6 pack

By Sparkmouth

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Origin: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Volume: each package is 6 x 237ml cans

Nonalcoholic Tonics:

Artisinal Dry Tonic 
It’s a classic-style tonic with a twist. Orange peel, white grape juice, lime peel and quinine are lively carbonated, balancing bright tartness with a hint of sweet. This tonic is delicious on its own and will also breathe life into whichever spirit companion you pair it with.

Cucumber Mint Tonic 
During the crafting of this tonic, natural flavours are extracted by patiently steeping real cucumbers and mint in cold water. Pop one open, and cucumber aromatics dance into the air. Fresh cucumber flavours are underpinned with a hint of mint and wrapped in a body of soft sweetness that finishes slightly tart.

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