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Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery, Iridescence

By Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

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Origin: Ontario, Canada
Varietal: riesling*

*made in a sparkling style

Producer's Notes: Bright, lively and ohhh soooo round.  The effervescence is quick and tiny providing for a great sight in the glass.  Aromatic notes of pronounced citrus, mango, apricot, ripe apples and saltine crackers dance from the glass while the zippy acidity, balanced semi-sweetness and an elegant palate that has that eludes to the richness of Icewine all marry together.  Almost sinful.  Enjoy chilled with any meal or celebration.  Especially perfect with cashews, appetisers, light desserts (Angel food cake), poultry and pork with fruit based sauces, salads with candied nuts or an understated fruit element, fresh cheeses and simply on its own.

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