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Mauro Veglio, Dolcetto d'Alba

By Mauro Veglio

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Origin: La Morra, Alba, Piedmont, Italy
Varietal: dolcetto 

Producer's Notes: Here, we cultivate juicy grapes that give us a velvety, light Dolcetto d’Alba that is best enjoyed young and fresh. 
Aroma: ample, floral, with captivating vinous scents and noticeable aromas of violet and bonbons 
Flavor: fresh, soft, and smooth, overall balanced and with light tannins, where young, vegetal notes blend elegantly with the correct amount of alcohol 
Serving temperature: 16°-18°C. It is particularly enjoyable to savor its initial freshness and then appreciate the evolution of its aromas as the wine slowly warms in the glass. 
Evolution: best drunk in the first years after release, but may offer surprising nuances even after several years in the bottle. 

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