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Oracle Sparkling Wine/Cider Hybrid 750ml, 12.5%ABV

By West Avenue Cider House

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Origin: Somerset Heritage Orchards, Flamborough, Ontario, Canada
Style:  Wine Fortified Cider Hybrid
Bottle size: 750ml

Truly gluten free, and made with heritage apples from West Ave's own Somerset Heritage Orchards, these are the opposite of boring, sugar-sweet ciders.

Producer's Notes: This sparkling wine cider hybrid is a gentle nod to the future of fermentation in Ontario. Oracle is a blend of Niagara Vidal and Chardonnay Musque and a splash of Sauvignon Blanc grapes with Golden Russet apple. It’s made in the cuvée close (or charmat) method where the base wine/cider undergoes a secondary fermentation in a closed tank so that the natural bubbles cannot escape then filtered and bottled with a cork and cage. It is a collaboration with winemaker Steve Byfield’s Nyarai Cellars.

There are full strength bubbles on this baby with a riot of peaches, spice, citrus and, of course, fresh-picked apples on the nose. It straddles the line of being wine-like and cider-like on the palate with a vigorous mousse that amplifies the complex array of creamy pear, peach, baked apple, citrus and spice with a lifted, vibrant finish. Wow!

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