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Origin:  Burgenland, Austria
Blend: blaufränkisch, zweigelt, st. laurent, merlot 

Producer's Notes: WILDWUX. A name which would make some think of an overgrown vineyard. However, it refers neither to minimal pruning nor wild growing vines. Instead it represents implementing targeted measures in order to make a contribution to the indigenous fauna and flora, biotope networks, the preservation of the traditional landscape scenery, the resilience of our own fields and last but not least our own quality of life.

Planting and maintaining hedgerows & small bodies of water
Planting old indigenous fruit tree varieties between our fields
Installing nesting boxes for little owls, barn owls and hoopoes
Rubbish clean-up initiatives
Lectures / information sessions / guided tours
Extensive grazing with cattle and sheep
Acquisition and preservation of fallow land
Removal of neophytes (alien species which drive out indigenous species, eg. Alianthus trees)
Putting up stork nests (Burgenland)
Planting diverse cover crops and flower strips in the vineyards

„To us, vines not only bear grapes, but also form a part of a
greater whole. Maintaining a healthy soil and the farm’s diversity,
protecting plant and animal habitats also benefit the wine in the end.“


Recommendation: The Wild Wux blend has a deep ruby colour with purple highlights. Red berry fruit, spicy notes and a touch of minerals define the aroma spectrum. Fruit sweetness and concentration balance on the palate. Maturation in oak lends this wine its round, velvety finish. Ideal enjoyment at 16-18 °C (60-64 °F). This wine's concentrated structure makes it outstanding to pair with hearty dishes like braised leg of lamb with herbs and garlic.