Plan Ahead Basket


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Get organized while snacking and when you're ready to meet the next challenge pat ourself on the back, take some time to relax and pour a yourself a glass of wine and puzzle away the evening!


  • Dwarf Stars Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups (Dark, Milk, White, Strawberry)
  • Corkcicle Stemless Travel Cup (Assorted)
  • North Water Pure Canadian Alkaline Water
  • 3 Dolfin Assorted Chocolate Bars
  • 40 g Handfuel Snacks
  • Moleskine TWO-GO Notebook
  • Shuffleface Puzzle (4 x 100 piece puzzles- separate/puzzle-off/shuffleface to make a puzzle face mashup)
  • Oxford Landing Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc