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13th Street Winery Burger Blend White

13th Street

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Origin: VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

Blend: 74% Riesling, 26% Pinot Grigio

Producer's Notes: For us, “burgers” evoke memories of backyard barbeques, of sunshine and warm evenings, of good food and laughter with friends and family. The goal of this wine was to produce a fruit-laden and refreshing white that represents excellent value and one that would bring out the best in your burger. A challenging task since the perfect burger can be a very personal and unique creation. Consider the traditional elements: the acidity of pickle, the sweetness of relish and ketchup and the spice of BBQ sauce and mustard. Our final combination for Burger Blend Riesling Pinot Grigio is a fruity, light and crisp white wine with a touch of spice and a juicy finish that can be enjoyed alone or with your favourite summer backyard fare, burgers most certainly included!
Respect your burger… serve it with Burger Blend!