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  • https://www.pte.mb.ca/beyond-the-stage/events/pte-pairings
  • https://kenastonwine.com/collections/unwine-d-yoga

    Into Nature unWINE'd
    Yoga at O Station

    A yoga class followed by a wine tasting. What could be more relaxing?

  • https://kenastonwine.com/collections/cocktail-supplies
    Mix it up! Mocktail & cocktail supplies available
  • https://kenastonwine.com/collections/baskets-wraps

    Pre-wrapped or make-your-own, if you have someone hard to buy for then look no further!

  • https://kenastonwine.com/pages/tasting-bar

    See what's on our Tasting Bar this week!

    From everyday sips
    to vintage pours...


About Us…

Kenaston Wine Market’s Team – led by wine loving entrepreneur, Jim Jaworski – has been having fun with wine since 1994.   We work tirelessly to bring you a constantly updated and exciting selection of wines from around the world.

Our goal is to offer a wine destination where people can explore and connect with others who share their enthusiasm for wine – in an easy-to-shop and casual environment. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always on hand to answer questions and help you with your choices.

We are seriously passionate about wine and food – we explore it every day. We strive to bring unique wines and flavours from around the world for you to experience.   Most of all, we enjoy sharing these finds with you. Quite simply, we love our work!

We want to make wine accessible to everyone by offering convenient store hours, online shopping and city-wide delivery.

Though we think globally, we act within our community. KWM has been an enthusiastic supporter of many community and non-profit events and important causes over the past twenty-five years. KWM is also a proud equal opportunity employer.


Why Wine?

Because we believe it brings people together, and together we can all learn and help to create positive changes. We invite you to visit our store, shop online or attend one of our special events to explore everything we have to offer.


Please enjoy our products in moderation – if you drink, please do not drive.

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