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Basa Lore Txakoli

Basa Lore

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Varietal : Hondarrabi Zuri

Origin: Getariako Txakolina, Spain

Producer's notes: 

Production data

Harvested by hand, it is cold fermented between 6-8ºC .

Once the fermentation is finished, the txakoli is cooled to temperatures below 5ºC in order to preserve all the carbon produced during fermentation and thus maintain the nerve and freshness characteristic of our txakoli.

CATA's notes

Txakoli fresh, light and very fruity. It is reminiscent of typical txakolis due to its character of white fruit, green apple and pear.

Perfect to pair with any type of grilled fish, shellfish, tuna, anchovies, roast lamb, dark chocolate, tiramisu...