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Chateau Carlmagnus 2020 - Case of Six - Beatles Label

Chateau Carlmagnus

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Origin: Fronsac, Right bank Bordeaux, France

Varietal: 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc

This collection contains six bottles of Carlmagnus 2020 and the case with Beatles inspired artwork.

"Château Carlmagnus is located in Fronsac, in the Libournais vineyard. If today the wines of the right bank of Bordeaux are known thanks to the wines of Saint Emilion and Pomerol, it is nevertheless the wines of Fronsac which, in the 17th century propelled the whole region to the forefront, during the rise of the wine trade in Bordeaux.
Nowadays, Fronsac is known as one of the regions with the best quality/price ratio in Bordeaux red wines.
Fronsac has a Merlot terroir, like the majority of Libourne wines, even if there is obviously Cabernet Franc and other minority grape varieties.

In addition, Château Carlmagnus is known for having labels with vibrant colors and original themes for each vintage. This practice has been in place for several years to highlight the artistic talents of Arnaud Roux Oulié, the owner of the chateau which is also an art lover."