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Cocchi Americano Bianco


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Origin: Asti, Italy
Style: "aperitif wine"

Americano Cocchi Aperitivo
Pour 2 parts Americano Cocchi and 1 part soda water into a tumbler filled with ice.
Stir and garnish with an orange peel twist. 
To make it Royale, pour into a wineglass and top with sparkling wine.

Made to the same recipe since 1891, this extraordinary aperitif wine has long been a staple in Asti. The wine is blended with herbs, fruit and spice extracts, most notably gentian, cinchona and citrus. Int he Piedmont region it is served with ice, a twist of orange peel and a splash of soda to bring out all its fragrance and depth. Given its traditional style and versatility, Cocchi Americano is also an essential ingredient in many classic mixed drinks.