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Damien's, Hotel Oscar Tango (HOT) Sauce 200ml

Damien's Sauces

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Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ingrediens: vinegar, mangoes, habanero peppers, garlic, fresh herbs. 
and that's it.


When you take Damien as your spicy new love, you open yourself up to your tastiest life. He will make you feel hot, excited, alive - do strange things to your eggs, and unleash your pizza pie. Be warned: to know Damien is to want him. Because his solemn and humble promise is to change your entire life. He is The One. Have him.

A simple man with infinite complex layers, Damien believes perfection is attained through balance - in life and on tongue. Heat with flavour. Sweet with tart. Mystery with transparency. He will never call, but always be there for you. With Damien in your life, you will never eat a dull meal again.?