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Vincent Paris Cornas La Geynale

Domaine Vincent Paris

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Varietal: 100% Syrah

Origin: Raynards, Cornas, Rhone, France

Producer's notes: Comes from my best plots, located on the best terroir of the appellation: the Reynard district. In this district, one hillside stands out: La Geynale. These are century-old vines on steep slopes facing due south.

Everything is there to make an exceptional wine, perhaps the best Cornas, at least that's the goal I've set myself. We obtain a wine with a unique character, of great complexity, with a strong tannic but silky presence, powerful and suave flavors (cooked fruit, spices, roasting)   and an endless length in the mouth.


 Starts with a week of cold maceration, then the fermentation starts naturally. The tank is raised morning and evening, the use of carbon dioxide reduces the SO2 input. After 4 weeks the wine is racked and the marc pressed; Drip and press juices are assembled. A first settling removes the coarse lees.

  The wine is then aged for 1 year in oak barrels that are 1 to 8 years old, there are no new barrels to preserve the flavors of the terroir.

 When bottling, the wine is fined to clarify and refine it.

The production is from 4 to 5000 bottles per year.


 This cuvée has a black color and a nose of great complexity. There are black fruits and spices.

 In the mouth we find the richness of black fruits embellished with this minerality which gives the wine a magical balance. The wine is dense, rich, powerful, complex while remaining fresh and the tannins, although still present, are perfectly in harmony.