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Domaines Tatin Reuilly Grisee

Domaines Tatin

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Origin: Reuilly, Loire Valley, France

Varietal: Pinot Gris

Producer's notes: 

Better known in Alsace than in our central regions, Pinot Gris does indeed exist in Reuilly ! It is classified as a rosé, but vinified as a white ! It draws its color from the pigments (anthocyanins) contained in the skin of Pinot Gris berries.

Why not a pellicular alcoholic fermentation of Pinot gris in Reuilly? Semi Orange Wine, this gray accompanies a meal because it is structured, spicy and powerful ! First test in 2018 with aging in old barrels of Sucellus, we try again in 2020 but this time aged in concrete eggs.

Tasting notes 

This Pinot Gris gets its orange color, more intense than that of our Les Lignis Pinot Gris, from skin fermentation. A powerful nose with notes of very ripe fruit . It is also from this pellicular fermentation that comes its structured and powerful finish on bitters with notes of blood orange in the mouth. The finish is tanned and spicy by the infusion of Pinot Gris berries during the alcoholic fermentation and coated by a creamy sweetness typical of 2020.


Food and Wine Pairings

Grays from Reuilly are a great companion for Easter Pâté or with a platter of charcuterie or a potato pancake! For more exoticism, try the recipe for snacked prawns with ginger soy sauce.