Félicette 'Cats in Space' Grenache Rouge


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Varietal: Grenache 

Origin: Pays D'Oc, France

Producer's Notes:

Producing quality wines of great authenticity and 'place' is a big deal to us. Creativity in terms of branding and packaging can bring the unique story of a wine to the attention of wine drinkers.

Though our feet are firmly on the ground in the Roussillon, we do have creative 'head in the clouds' moments. Félicette is one of those such moments. A range of wines dedicated to people who travel that bit further. Those who dream. The adventurous souls.

The Félicette range of small batch wines is core to our mission to deliver stellar Grenache from the region.

Who was Félicette?

It was on October 24th 1963, Félicette the cosmic cat, jetted 130 miles above Earth on a French Véronique AG1 rocket, soaring high above the Sahara Desert. She returned just fifteen minutes later, already a decorated heroine for her nation.