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Robert Craig Howell Mountain Zinfandel 2018

Robert Craig

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Origin:  Black Sears Vineyard, Howell Mountain, Napa Valley, California, U.S.A.

Varietal: 98% Zinfandel, 2% Merlot

Producer's notes: 
Black Sears has “King of the Mountain” bragging rights on Howell Mountain - topping out at 2,400 feet, making it officially the highest vineyard on the mountain. The vineyard is located just past the gate of our Howell Mountain estate. And we now surround it – literally – having purchased the vineyard just on the other side of it as well. For 25 years, winemakers have clamored for the Zinfandel grown here: both biodynamic and organic, the site is dry farmed and the vines pruned in the old world style with no trellising. Zinfandel thrives in the mountain’s well-drained, rocky volcanic soils and moderate climate. Without doubt, the Black Sears Vineyard is the finest zinfandel vineyard in the world, and we are lucky to get a little fruit each year to make something special and rare.

Black Sears Zinfandel shows Howell Mountain's exotic, ground white pepper and spicebox in the nose, and even more so in the mouth. The breadth and length of the wine on the palate is what sets this zinfandel apart from so many others. There is no substitute for high elevation and shallow soils when it comes to developing flavor in zinfandel grapes, and Black Sears has those features in spades. This wine is forward and explosive in the nose, showing those Howell Mountain bramble berry fruits, but there is so much more that keeps emanating from the wine once it hits the palate; another terrific vintage for Black Sears Zinfandel.