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Kutjevo Grasevina


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Origin:  Croatia
Variety: graševina (a.k.a. welschriesling

Producer's Notes: Kutjevo and the wines from Kutjevo cellar for centuries are a symbol of Croatian wine culture. With a tradition dating back to 1232, the most prized winery of the region produces wines that in a peculiar way represent the extraordinary character of Kutjevo terroir.
Tasting: It has a luxurious aroma of ripe grapes, a harmony of all the variety specific components, and a specific noble quality of the taste which is difficult to define. Its aroma is nicely formed, and the taste is contoured, sophisticated, and full, rich in extract and ending with a specific mild bitter note.
Food: Adapts well to various dishes, but its quality is expressed best with white meat and white fish dishes, where it can turn a regular meal into a formal event.
Serving: We recommend serving it cooled at 8-10 °C.