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Pierre Gimonnet Grand Cru Oger Special club

Pierre Gimonnet & Fils

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Varietal; 100% Chardonnay

Origin: 100% Oger Grand Cru – South of Côte des Blancs, Champagne, France

Producer's Notes: While we are staunch defenders of blends from “different terroirs” to obtain more complexity and balance, we have decided to create an “OGER GRAND CRU” cuvée. It is the “masculine” expression of a very large blanc de blancs terroir, with a “smokier” minerality than our usual blends.

« OGER GRAND CRU » stands out for its natural power and its unique mineral expression with smoky and “graphite” flavours. This cuvee is completely different compare to our style “Blanc de Blancs”. With 12 hectares of Grand Cru, we had never produced a 100% grand cru cuvée, because our philosophy of blending has always pushed us to add a touch of «Cuis 1er cru» to bring the freshness of this terroir to our great cuvées. Indeed, this cuvee is made with 100 % Chardonnay Grand Cru from OGER due to this unique expression. Since 2011, for the first time, we developed this “single terroir”, an exception that has since been confirmed…