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Poli Gran Bassano White Vermouth


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Origin: Veneto, Italy

Varietal:  natural infusion of 39 aromatic botanicals in Vespaiolo wine.

Producer's notes:  Gran Bassano Bianco is a vermouth based on Vespaiolo, white wine from native grapes of the DOC of which the city of Bassano is part.
Vespaiolo features  characteristic floral scents that attract the wasps (vespa), from which it is named.
The original aromatic identity of Gran Bassano Bianco is due to a balanced infusion of over twenty botanicals, among which stand out hawthorn and elderflower, characteristic plants from Bassano area, as well as grapefruit, galangal, myrtle, sweet and bitter orange.
Perfect as an aperitif to enjoy chilled and straight or in long drinks with ice and tonic water.