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Quevedo Port Advent Calendar 24x 50ml


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Origin: Douro, Portugal

This exciting Port Advent Calendar has 24  - 50ML bottles. There 12 different port with 2  bottles of each to share.

  1. White - Sweet honey flavour, white fruit nuances of pear, apple jam and honey.
  2. Dry White - Notes of bone fruit such as peach and apricot followed by cinnamon; smooth with a velvet texture.
  3. Rose - Tropical notes combined with a mild flavour of raspberry and strawberry
  4. Ruby - Red fruit flavours  - cherry, raspberry and red currant; smooth and elegant in the mouth
  5. Reserve Ruby - A strong concentration of wild fruit and dark spices; really fresh
  6. LBV 2013 - Intense red fruit flavours - raspberry and strawberry, with hints of black pepper; very full bodied
  7. Tawny - Sweet nutty flavours such as caramel and walnuts combined with hazelnut and dried fig notes.
  8. Special Reserve Tawny - Almond and spice after ageing 8 years in oak casks.
  9. 10 Year Tawny - Almonds and dried fruit, cinnamon and a floral note - aged in very old oak
  10. 20 Year Tawny - Intense notes of Almonds and caramelized walnuts and an undertone of coconut - very long finish
  11. Colheita 2000 - Cherry and dry raspberry combined with  subtable notes of nuts; a long finish with a sense of chocolate
  12. Colheita 2004 - Ripe fruits,  jam and chocolate; well balanced with the oak and round tannins.