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Radford Dale Thirst Clairette Blanche

Radford Dale

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Origin: Stellenbosch, South Africa

Varietal: Clairette Blanche

Producer's notes: The single, old vineyard that produces the grapes for this distinctive wine grows in the crunchy, decomposed granite soil of the Polkadraai area in Stellenbosch. Although the actual age of the vines is unknown, one look at their gnarled structure will confirm their veteran status. The sprawling growth pattern is supported by only one foliage wire and so the bunches ripen in relatively shady conditions. This enhances the fresh citrus expression of the wine while retaining a bracing acidity.

Thirst Clairette Blanche is an intriguing example of this quirky variety. It offers exceptional refreshment and drinkability, as well as an interesting and complex collection of aromas and flavours. Driven by its fresh citrus zest, the wine shows great focus. Generous lime and lemon flavours delight the palate and a mineral pithiness is displayed , before a long and tapering, saline finish.