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Rieslingfreak No. 8 Schatzkammer


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Origin: Polish HIll, Clare Valley, Australia

Varietal: Rieslaing

Producer's notes: Rieslingfreak No.8 is harvested from the Polish Hill River vineyard. Schatzkammer is a German word meaning ‘ Treasure Chamber’. This is where German Winemakers store their treasured wines. The No.8 is made in a German Kabinett style. Due to European labelling laws, we are not legally allowed to use the word ‘Kabinett’ on wine labels. Therefore, I have used the work Schatzkammer, a play on the word Kabinett, and it is my treasured wine!

Harvested early in the season, the wine is low in alcohol. Made in a sweet Kabinett style, the wine also retains great amounts of acid, balancing out the sweetness and fruit perfectly.