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Scarbolo Il Ramato Pinot Grigio Rosé


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Varietal: Skin contact Pinot Grigio

Origin:  Friuli, Venezia, Italy

Producer's notes: 

Meeting between "Copper" and "beloved". It is not an orange wine, it is not a rosé ... it is simply ILRamato. A style that encompasses the character, texture and charm of Pinot Grigio. Like a bridge between the worlds and interpretations of this grape, ILRamato is a wine capable of revealing the pleasure of a forgotten drink.

The purple color of the Pinot Grigio grapes derives from the presence in the skin of anthocyanins, that is the colored pigments characteristic of red grapes but rare in white berried ones. The different vinification methods allow the wine to maintain or lose the coppery-bronze notes already from the phases preceding fermentation.

In the case of Il Ramato, we collect and press the perfectly ripe bunches and the grapes, de-stemmed, macerate at a low temperature. The must thus does not begin to ferment immediately but is enriched with the characteristic coppery chromatic notes that give the name to a style now associated with our region.

ILRamato represents a more contemporary vision of Pinot Grigio "as it was once made". Its freshness, aroma and flavor are the introduction to the complexity of Pinot Grigio, which is enhanced by the alcoholic fermentation with the skins and by long aging in cask .