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Tandem Ars Nova Red

Tandem Wines

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Origin:  Valle de Yerri, Navarra, Spain

Varietal: 40% Tempranillo, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot

Producer's notes: 

New Art in Latin, very applicable to the philosophy of this wine. ?Ars Nova was a musical movement in the 14th Century which brought about the advent of volume in music. Until that time music was flat and monochrome. This new way of creating music was more complex, marked by harmony and rhythm. This was the origin of polyphony. Music which was composed from then onwards was called ars nova and music prior to that time was termed ars antiqua. It has been compared with the introduction of perspective in painting which occurred during the same period.? Ars Nova is an elegant wine, feminine, multi-layered, a wine for reflection and enjoyment.
A deep ruby red colour with a violet rim. Complex and fresh on the nose, revealing ripe red and black fruit and balsamic hints. With many layers and elegance. ?Bramble berry fruits, blueberries, liquorice and blackberries, scrubland, thyme and mint. Delightful, long, enveloping and extraordinary.?A fresh mountain wine with a strong expression of its terroir.