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Tardieu-Laurent Saint-Peray Vielles Vignes 2016

Famille Tardieu

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Origin: Saint- Peray, Northern Rhone, France

Varietal: 50% Marsanne, 50% Roussanne

Producer's notes: Time has come to grasp our dictionary of the superlatives, to try and tell the talent of this Vintage… Nonetheless, words will not suffice to describe the unfathomable pleasure that the Tasting of this fabulous Year triggers… ! Winter was characterized by relatively mild temperatures; then a cool spring slowed down the growing of the vine. And, throughout this period, steady, gentle, rainfalls evenly accompanied the vegetative cycle. These extremely propitious conditions have understandably had a positive impact on the harvest, fantastically beautiful, healthy, and generous… !Summer season was marked by high heat, high without being excessive, with little rainfall. Extremely favorable factor, nights remained very cool. Therefore, the vines were under pressure, but moderately, at the limit of stress, yet without ever suffering ! As a result, maturation and concentration operated conjointly : here is one major key to the genius of this Vintage, which calls to the unusual the fantastic, at the borders of the explained and the unexplainable !

The more the years go by, and the more this Appellation establishes itself as a Great Appellation in La Vallée du Rhône. Once again, one can feel the signature of the very old vines. Touch on the palate is creamy and deep, Wine is comforting…