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Thunevin-Calvet Maury Vin Doux

Thunevin- Calvet

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Varietal:  100% Grenache Noir, Fortified

Origin: Maury, Rousillon, France

Producer's notes:

 Domaine was born in 2001 from the meeting of two winegrowers: Jean-Luc Thunevin, owner of Château Valandraud in Saint-Emilion and Jean-Roger Calvet from Maury.

“Vins Doux Naturels” date back from the 13th century. It is quite rare to stumble upon an old “vintage Maury” as this unique form of winemaking is usually made by blending the grapes of several vintages. Years of patience haven’t wrinkled this exceptional wine with its light brown caramel coat. The whole exudes harmony, finesse, and complexity. 


Food and wine pairings: To drink as an aperitif or with blue-veined cheeses, blueberry tarts, black fig desserts, chocolate cakes. Serve at 14-15°C.

Aging: Drink now or age for up to 100 years.