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Vale do Inferno Quinta de la Rosa

Quinta de la Rosa

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Origin: Douro Valley, Portugal

Varietal: Touringa National

Producer's notes:



The wine would be best served with red meats and more powerful dishes. It also goes well with cheese, especially the Serra cheese found in Portugal.  It is a wine that can be drunk now or aged for up to 10 years.


The terroir in the Douro is still largely unexplored and by making wines with, harmony and equilibrium from our vineyards, we try to enable the grapes to express themselves in the bottle.  The La Rosa style is to make well defined wines without too much extraction, tannin or oak.  Wines that are rich and full bodied whilst being fresh and lively with a good acidity and minerality.
Vale do Inferno is a unique wine which shows the Douro at its extremes where the vines struggle and fight to survive but in such conditions produce fruit that is so beautiful and special.
On the nose the wine is very complex and expressive, black and red fruits, floral and citric notes make up part of its bouquet.  On the palate, there is an intense attack, full of flavours, very seductive and mellow.  The presence of tannins of great quality give the wine length and seriousness.